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Mack Poholko: Accredited by Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group in 2003 and SVAI of Alberta in 2009. I have been in the collector car hobby for more than 30 years. I have owned a variety of collector cars over that time.

I have conducted and participated in building drag cars and restorations of a variety of cars. I am well versed in Mopar muscle cars and have knowledge of GM and Ford vehicles as well. In the early 70s I worked for the Spirit of Edmonton CAM-AM racing team as well as for Speedway International Raceway in Edmonton Alberta.

I started my appraisal business in 2003 after completing appraisals on all manner of personal property for the University of Alberta since 1999. My appraisals have been used in court settlements and for financial institutions.

I attend local and international auctions on a regular basis to keep current with market values.

I have judged collector cars at Mopars at the Strip in Las Vegas Nevada and at Powerama in Edmonton Alberta.

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